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A honed end is a satin floor with quite little mild mirrored image. It's miles precise for flooring, thresholds and different places where the presence of water might make a sophisticated end slippery, or in which heavy traffic might put on off the polished finish.

Often, honed finishes are extra prone to soiling than polished finishes, because a honed floor is barely more porous and absorptive than polished end. But, the honed finish is less difficult to repair as it will sustain harsher cleaning efforts.

Ordinary protection of honed finishes includes as-needed washing with clean water and mildly abrasive cleaners, which hold a pumice-kind end, while the cleaners cast off soils. There are thick liquid cleaners and chlorine-bleach type scouring powders commercially to be had.

The marble should be wet with clean, warm water. Then the usage of a mildly abrasive alkaline cleaner and stiff bristle brush, wash in overlapping, swirling strokes. Suds can be left to stand for numerous mins to permit the bleaching dealers to work on the stains and dirts. Rinse thoroughly and dry with cotton, cotton flannel, burlap or chamois skin. Wipe nicely to keep away from streaking. Click here to visit for marble and other stone products.

If similarly cleaning is required, use a unique remedy or make a paste to the consistency of syrup the use of a mildly abrasive alkaline cleaning powder if necessary. Rinse thoroughly and dry.